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Qualification kits

Your usage of our tools can be qualified according to ISO 26262DO-178B/CIEC-61508, and other safety standards. The qualification process can be automated to a large extent using our Qualification Support Kits. Additionally, our Qualification Software Life Cycle Data Reports provide details about our own development processes.


Qualification Support Kits


AbsInt offer Qualification Support Kits (QSKs) that simplify the qualification process considerably. These QSKs are quite popular with our customers, notably in the automotive and avionics industries.

Each QSK contains two major parts which depend on one another: a Report Package and a Test Package.


The QSK Report Package


The Report Package consists of an Operational Requirements Report and a Verification Test Plan. The Requirements Report lists all functional requirements of the tool to be qualified. For each requirement, the Verification Test Plan describes one or several test cases that should give confidence about the correct functional behaviour of the tool.


The reports are generated in HTML, enabling easy integration into your certification documents. Both reports are templates, so you need to edit a few things according to your usage of the tool. For example, you have to specify the compiler switches used to generate the executables analysed by the tool.



  • The QSK Test Package


    The Test Package contains all test cases listed in the Verification Test Plan. This framework provides scripts to execute all test cases and evaluate the results. The evaluation result is printed so that you can attach it to your certification document.


Qualification Support Kits can be easily extended with your own test cases to also cover your operational environment.



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