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Digital Signal Controllers


CodeWarrior Development Studio for 56800/E Digital Signal Controllers allows both 56800 and 56800E developers build and deploy even the most sophisticated systems quickly and easily by integrating support for both architectures into a single integrated product. This product also includes Processor Expert (Rapid Application Development tool) support for all released processors and supports 56F80x/2x, 56F85x, 56F81xx, 56F83xx, 56F801x, and 56F802x/3x Digital Signal Controllers.







  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 5.6

  • Optimizing ANSI C compiler

  • Libraries - MSL version 3.0

  • GUI based with command-line option

  • ELF output in compiler/assembler

  • Graphical Source-Level Debugger

  • Flash Programmer

  • RTOS (Real-Time Operating System)








IDE version:


Host platforms:

Windows® XP/2000/98/Windows NT®
(Windows NT 4.0 recommended)

Language support:

C, 56800/E assembly language

Build tools output formats:

ELF/DWARF 2.0, Hiware, Freescale S-Record, Intel® hex, binary

Hybrid Processor Families/EVMs support:

56F80x, 56F82x, 5685x, MC56F83xx, 56800E Simulator, MC56F81xx, MC56F8013/14, MC56F802x, MC56F803x

Host target interfaces:

CodeWarrior USBTAP®
Parallel port command converter
(deprecating support)



View the datasheet for additional features and information