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CodeWarrior Development Studio for Freescale HCS12(X) Microcontrollers enables engineers to build and deploy HCS12 or HCS12X/XGATE systems quickly and easily. This tool suite provides the capabilities required by every engineer in the development cycle: from board bring-up to firmware development to final application development. With a common project-based development environment reuse becomes a natural by-product as each team builds on the work already completed by the previous team.

*Note: This product supports Microsoft® Windows Vista®



  • Sophisticated project manager

  • Build system with optimizing C/C++ compilers for HCS12 CPU, HCS12X CPU and XGATE module

  • Macro-assembler (absolute and relocatable) supporting HCS12 CPU, HCS12X CPU and XGATE module

  • Linker support for HCS12 CPU code, HCS12X CPU code, or HCS12X CPU and XGATE module code

  • Graphical, source-level debugger support for HCS12 CPU or HCS12X CPU and XGATE module concurrently

  • Flash programming support

  • Cycle-accurate simulator with code coverage, and profile analysis

  • Data visualization and I/O stimulation

  • C source code encryption support

  • Processor Expert® and Bean Wizard from Unis


View the CodeWarrior Features Matrix to compare the Special, Standard and Profession versions.









IDE version:


Host platforms:

Microsoft® Windows XP/2000

Language support:

Assembly, C/C ++

Build tools output formats:

ELF/DWARF 2.0, Hiware, Freescale S-Record, Intel® hex, binary

MC9S12X device support:

A, D, DG, DP, DT

MC9S12 device support:

A, B, C, D, DB, DG, DJ, DP, DT, E, GC, H, KG, KT, NE, T and U

MC68HC812 device support:


MC68HC912 device support:

B, D, DG, DT

Board support:

MC68HC9S12DP256 Evaluation Board

Host target interfaces:

USB Multilink 12
Cyclone Pro
SofTec BDM12
Abatron BDI1000® *(Professional Edition only)