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CodeWarrior for PowerPC


CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture™ Processors include the CodeWarrior™ integrated development environment (IDE) which provides a high-quality, full-featured development environment. It comes as a complete IDE designed for each stage of the development process – from board bring-up through embedded application development. State-of-the-art debugging technology, the simplicity of an intuitive development environment and robust run-control raise hardware board bring-up and C/C++ embedded application development to a new level.


New for Version Version 8.7

  • New Power Architecture Processor Support

    • High-performance, including Dual-Core (8641 & 8641D)

    • PowerQUICC III (8548 rev2)

    • PowerQUICC II Pro (8360, 8358, 8349 rev 3.1, 8323, & 8321)

  • New CodeWarrior multicore and multiprocessor debugger

  • New CodeWarrior Compiler

    • Improved Performance Optimizations

    • Latest C/C++ front-end with ISO C++Templates

    • Position Independent Code/Data (PIC/PID) Small Data Area (SDA)

    • DWARF 2.0 symbol output (now default)

The CodeWarrior Development Studio, Linux Application Edition offers the following subset of features from the Professional Edition:


  • Compiler and linker:

    • Supports GNU compiler collection

    • Ability to integrate alternative GNU compilers

  • Application debug: using Metrowerks AppTRK

    • Serial connectivity

    • Networking connectivity

  • Full multi-threading/multi-tasking application debugging

    • Individually control threads

    • Follow fork/child debugging

    • Full multi-process debug from one IDE

    • Step one thread while all others are stopped

    • Process and thread list


NOTE: For Kernel-level debugging, CodeWarrior Development Studio Linux Platform Edition is required.


Architectures (Linux editions):

  • Automotive/Industrial Controllers: 5100, 5200

  • Host Processors: 7448, 8641D

  • PowerQUICC I: 8xx

  • PowerQUICC II: 82xx

  • PowerQUICC Pro: 83xx

  • PowerQUICC III: 85xx

  • Architectures (Professional edition)

  • 32-bit Host Processors: 7xx, 74xx, 8641D

  • 32-bit PowerQUICC I- 8xx

  • 32-bit PowerQUICC II -82xx

  • 32-bit PowerQUICC II Pro -83xx

  • 32-bit PowerQUICC III: 85xx


  • Host Platforms

  • Application Edition: Red Hat Enterprise Linux(v3/v4), Windows 2000, Windows XP

  • Platform Edition: Red Hat Enterprise Linux(v3/v4)

  • Professional Edition: Windows 2000, Windows XP


Editions: Evaluation, Professional, Linux Application, Linux Platform


CodeWarrior™ for MPC55xx

  • Compile & Build tool for easy migration from the MPC5xx to the MPC55xx family

  • OSEKturbo: Real-time OS design tool

  • Easy initialization of core and peripherals using a GUI

  • eTPU Development System

Editions : Evaluation, Standard, Professional



System Requirements

1.0 GHz Pentium®-compatible processor or better

  • Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP/Vista

  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)

  • At least 600 MB hard disk space

  • CD-ROM drive for installation

  • USB port for communications with target hardware

  • (optional) Ethernet port for communications with target hardware


  • Compare the Versions of CodeWarrior™ Development Studio for Power Architecture
Linux Platform
Linux Application
Host O/S Red Hat Enterprise Linux, v3 or 4 Microsoft Windows (XP/2000) Red Hat Enterprise Linux, v3 or 4
Microsoft Windows (XP/2000)
Debugger Support YES YES YES
Stationery Wizard YES YES no
Linux Stationery Wizard YES YES YES
Flash Programmer YES YES no
Hardware Diagnostics YES YES no
Cache View YES YES no
CodeWarrior Ethernet TAP Support YES YES no
CodeWarrior USB TAP Support YES YES no
CodeWarrior Compiler Support YES YES no
GNU Toolchain included YES YES YES
UART library YES YES no
Bareboard and uboot debug capable YES YES YES
Linux Kernel debug capable YES no no
Linux Kernel module debug capable YES no no
Linux Application Debug capable YES YES YES
Read/Write registers/memory YES