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SEER estimation tools for costs, time & resource


Galorath (SEER) has invested over two and a half decades of research and development helping organizations better plan and control project costs, quality, duration and risk. Leveraging sophisticated modeling technology and project-applicable knowledge bases, SEER solutions are proven to accurately replicate real-world project outcomes more quickly and with much greater accuracy than any traditional estimating methodologies.   Estimation can be as accurate as +/- 5% rather than the normal -20 to +50% that is commonly worked to. This software can save vast amounts of time, resource and money by exploring variations of resource and time.


For those of you who have only a few projects or small projects that are less than half a million GBP we have an estimation service where you can run your project through the system for a reasonable rate click here

SEER for Software

SEER-SEM for Software


Plan, Analyze, and Manage Complex Software Development Projects

Software projects are notoriously difficult to predict and control. In fact, major industry studies have documented project failure rates as high as 60%. SEER for Software (SEER SW) enables organizations to streamline project processes and improve project performance throughout the software development lifecycle.> Link to

SEER Hardware

SEER-H for Hardware


Plan, Analyze, and Manage Hardware, Electronics and Systems Development Projects 

SEER for Hardware, Electronics, & Systems (SEER HW) is a decision-support tool that reliably and accurately estimates the total cost of ownership for new product development projects. > Link to



Plan, Manage, and Control Manufacturing Projects and Processes 

The best design in the world is destined to fail if it can’t be efficiently and reliably manufactured. Where SEER for Hardware evaluates and analyzes product options, SEER for Manufacturing (SEER MFG) focuses on manufacturing project and process options, and can be used to model virtually any manufacturing operation.

> Link to





SEER for IT (SEER IT) is the latest in a family of estimation tools developed by Galorath Incorporated. Designed by senior IT professionals specifically for the IT market, SEER IT enables CIOs to significantly improve their success rates on complex IT projects based on the science of parametric modeling. > Link to