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Data Security & Firewalls for IoT & RTOS


Icon Labs provides cross platform security solutions for embedded and IoT devices. The solutions support all major embedded OSes and RTOS's with security modules designed specificially for use in embedded systems. The solutions provide security building blocks for protecting the device itself rather than just relying on security at the perimeter.

Icon Security Framework

Floodgate Security Framework

The Floodgate Security Framework (FSF) provides a building blocks for creating secure embedded devices. Floodgate Security Framework modules are availabe as individual products or as an integrated framework for embedded Linux or any RTOS. > more

Icon Flooggate security

Floodgate Security Manager

Floodgate Security Manager provides key security management features for IoT devices and embedded systems using IoT device management protocols such as Light Weight Management Protocol (LWMP), COAP or MQTT. A web-based interface allows users to view devices, events and audit logs and to manage policies.> more

Floodgate Defender Appliance

Floodgate Defender Appliance™ is a compact firewall appliance providing drop in protection for networked industrial devices. Installation and configuration is done in minutes, providing instant protection against cyber-attacks from hackers, denial of service attacks, cyber-sabotage attacks, automated hacking bots, and other Internet-based threats. > more

Iconfidant SSH

confidant SSH is a source code product implementing SSH and SFTP client and server for embedded security for the VxWorks embedded operating systems. It implements SSHv1 and SSHv2 protocols with strong authentication and encryption.. > more