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IKV analize

medini analyze - ISO 26262 in a single integrated tool The application of ISO 26262 is required for the analysis of functional safety in the automotive domain.



With medini analyze we provide you an integrated tool that realizes the activities and artifacts of the standard. medini analyze supports the following activities according to ISO DIS 26262:

IKV analize


* Hazard analysis and risk evaluation

* ASIL determination and ASIL decomposition

* capture and management of safety goals and safety requirements

* System- and software modeling

* inductive and deductive safety analysis - FMEA, FTA, Fault Injection

* Integration with other tools e.g. MATLAB/Simulink

* Team support Version 1.1 adds the following features

* extended document generation for ISO 26262 work products

* extended configurable search, also multi project

* improved profiling for easier customization .




medini analyze has been designed to be tightly integrated into the system development process. To support this the tool provides a rich traceability and the automation of standard activities. medini analyze enables you to guarantee the consistency between the functional safety analysis and the functional architecture of your system. The iterative approach of medini analyze for the analysis and development can be tailored to customer specific development processes. With the publication of ISO DIS 26262 in July 2009 medini analyze has been adapted to this most recent version of the standard.



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