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Medini analysis tools by IKV


Though their Medini Tool set IKV provide a set of tools to support systems analysis and model based development. Primarily based in the automotive market they Analyze tool supports ISO26262 but their other tools have a wider field such as unite that works with Simulink and Stateflow models. Also other modeling tools are available such as QVT and ProFeat.


medini analyze


medini™ analyze is a functional safety analysis tool environment supporting preliminary and detailed risk analysis methods. This comprises risk graph as well as deductive and inductive model analysis such as fault tree analysis, failure mode and effect analysis and fault injection. medini analyze tightly integrates with the system development process and provides rich traceability and automation. medini™ analyze implements the ISO 26262 workflow and its activities.> Link to

medini Unite


mediniTM unite - the tool for differences analysis and for consistent automated merge of Simulink and Stateflow models.> Link to

medini proFeat


medini proFeat - graphical editor for feature modeling inc. model validation and feature selection. > Link to

medini QVT


medini QVT implements OMG's QVT Relations specification in a powerful QVT engine. The standard is designed for model-to-model transformations to allow fast development, maintenance and customization of process specific transformation rules. > Link to