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MICRIUM Communications Componants


A full set of communications stacks to cater for mot industrial requirements.




μC/TCP-IP is a compact, reliable, high-performance TCP/IP protocol stack, optimized for embedded systems. Built from the ground up with Micrium quality, scalability and reliability, μC/TCP-IP enables the rapid configuration of required network options to minimize time-to-market > Link to


uc/USB Device

μC/USB-Device is a compact, reliable, high-performance stack designed for embedded systems equipped with a USB device controller. µC/USB-Device supports several standard device classes (CDC, HID, MSC, PHDC). A Vendor class is also provided for developing vendor-specific USB devices. Thanks to a hardware abstraction layer, you can easily port μC/USB-Device to any new USB device controllers by simply modifying existing hardware access routines. . > Link to


uC/USB Host

μC/USB Host is a real-time USB Host software stack designed for embedded systems equipped with a USB Host or OTG controller. It includes many class drivers (MSC, HID and CDC ACM). The stack requires a Kernel.

μC/USB Host uses a modular architecture with three software layers between the application and the hardware.> Link to



μC/CAN is a CAN protocol framework that enables easy and clean implementation of CAN communication paths. μC/CAN is a source code library optimized for speed, flexibility and size and built with high portability and clean documentation in mind. > Link to


µC/Modbus provides an embedded solution for implementing Modbus, an industrial communications protocol used for connecting industrial electronic devices. With μC/Modbus, you can use either ASCII frames or RTU frames, or both at at the same time if you have multiple serial interfaces. μC/Modbus supports any number of communications channels.> Link to


ClarinoxBlue is simple-to-use software protocol stack for the development of embedded Bluetooth applications. It is developed by Clarinox Technologies, and is fully compatible with Micrium µC/OS-III..> Link to