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Micrium’s kernels have been ported to a wide variety of CPU architectures. We provide not only the ports themselves, but also example projects for popular evaluation platforms. Each project is an ideal starting point for a new µC/OS-based application.


Commercial Use: The example projects are intended for evaluation use only. Developers seeking to use Micrium products commercially must contact Micrium sales to obtain the proper license(s).





Ports and Drivers Not Listed: If you are interested in a port or driver for a hardware platform that is not listed here, you can contact Micrium to inquire about the possibility of commissioning a custom port.


Companion Software for Micrium Books

Every Micrium book includes complete project files containing exercises and Micrium source code.



μC/OS-II and
µC/OS-III Source Code


You can evaluate Micrium µC/OS source code for 45 days free of charge. You are required to purchase a license for use in any commercial application. See our licensing information.

Trial Software

Micrium provides compiled libraries, user manuals and sample code for the following Micrium products: μC/TCP-IP, µC/FS, μC/GUI, and μC/Probe.


Micrium Documentation


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Contributing Code to Micrium’s Developer Community

Micrium’s Downloads Center also contains projects contributed by independent developers. These projects include kernel ports, Ethernet drivers, USB host or USB device drivers, and storage media drivers for the file system.

We encourage you to share your own projects, based on Micrium source code, with the worldwide community of Micrium developers.