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MICRIUM Storage and Display


A group of componant, often required in many projects, designed to compliment any Micrium RTOS.




µC/GUI provides a flexible graphical user interface for any embedded application that requires a graphical display. µC/GUI allows the software engineer to provide fantastic user interfaces to its product using a graphical LCD display. It can be as simple as a 2D graphic with monochrome color up to smartphone like graphics with 32 bits per pixel color. With touch screen support activated, you can really provide products with state of the art user interfaces. > Link to




μC/FS is a compact, reliable, high-performance and thread-safe embedded file system for microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs > Link to



Micrium maintains a list of Building Block embedded software components that round out the capabilities you need to complete your design. These small modules are components that are often required in an embedded system. Instead of rewriting these modules every time, Micrium provides the source code following the same code quality Micrium uses in all its products. > Link to