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Nohau EMUL16/300-PC
In-Circuit Emulator

Key Benefits

Freescale 683xx and HC16 supported.
Full feature ICE: to 25 MHz. Not a BDM emulator.
Seehau Intuitive GUI: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000ME, 2000Pro, & XP.
Emulation and trace ISA boards install in the Nohau® HSP box or in your PC via the LPTx port: no IRQ is used.
Optional trace board can be installed or upgraded later.
Trace is real-time: up to 512K deep by 104 bits.
3 trigger levels with timestamp display.
Trace filtering increases the effective data capture.
Up to 4M static emulation memory available with 0 wait states


Product Brocure PDF click here

EMUL16/32 catalouge click here


Nohau® also has a Background Debugger for the 68HC16 and 683xx Family.

Assembly single step if code is held in ROM
Full Breakpoint and Single stepping supported if code is downloaded to RAM on target system.
Connection to target via the 10 pin BERG connector defined by Freescale.
Supported by either 8-bit ISA plug-in board or EPC (Emulator Parallel Cable) back to the host PC
Source level debugging through the Seehau GUI