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Nohau EMUL166-PC
In-Circuit Emulator

Supports the Infineon (Siemens) C166 family.
To 33 MHz real-time operation. (80 MHz with EMULST10)
E2 bondout chip used for transparent RAM or ROM emulation.
Compact two board advanced design. This portable, handheld emulator goes anywhere your laptop can.
Connects through ISA card, LPTx port or a USB port.
Shadow RAM for real-time memory viewing at any clock speed.
Trace and triggers are viewed and modified in real-time and "on- the-fly". No CPU cycles are stolen for these operations.
Optional Trace board can be added later.
Emulation memory granulation is 2 bytes. 256K and 1 Mbyte.
Developed and Made in the USA.
Seehau 32-bit GUI: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000ME, 2000Pro, & XP.
Sophisticated conditional triggers find specified events quickly.


Data sheets


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