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In-Circuit Emulator

Key Benefits

Philips/ NXP P51XA-C3, G3, G49, S3, SCC, H3, H4 are supported.
The C3 and G3 are also known as C37 and G37 respectively.
Full feature ICE. From 16 to 32 MHz. No CPU cycle stealing.
Seehau advanced GUI: Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, & XP.
Compact two board advanced design. This portable, handheld
emulator goes anywhere your laptop can.
Connects through an ISA card, LPTx port, or USB port.
Optional 128K or 512K trace board can be added later.
Supports all major C Compilers.
Shadow RAM for real-time memory viewing at any clock speed.
Trace and triggers are viewed and modified in real-time and "on-the-
fly". No CPU cycles are stolen for these operations.
Emulation memory granulation is 16 bytes. 256K to 2 Mbyte.
Sophisticated conditional triggers find specified events quickly.




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