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Nohau Seehau

The Seehau Macro based GUI is designed to provide a friendly user interface for all Nohau In-Circuit Emulators. Point and click on intuitive menu choices or use the powerful Macro (script) command language. Seehau provides a consistent user interface which facilitates the changing of processor families.

Seehau allows advanced features such as on-line editing of your C source files and re-compiling with one mouse click. You can start/ stop, single-step, set trigger and trace conditions, examine/modify memory and all other emulator functions. Existing Nohau emula- tors are supported with easy to install upgrades.

Data can be displayed graphically in real-time. Open multiple windows, each individually configurable. Seehau is a 32 bit application and runs under Windows 7, 98, 2000, Me, XP or NT.

Set the cursor on a variable or a structure and its components and values are displayed. Set a trigger or configure/view the trace memory all in real-time without cycle stealing from the controller.


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