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Nohau Parts Lists and Data Sheets

The table below shows a directory of catalogs and product specification flyers (in Adobe .pdf format) for each emulator family. These catalogs show products available in the United States and US-supported countries only. Please contact your local Phaedrus Systems for part numbers and pricing in the UK and Ireland.




Data Sheets
Freescale's 68HC12 & 68HCS12 families
Freescale's 68HC16 and 683xx families
Infineon C166 Family and
ST Microelectronics ST10 family
Intel's 80C196 family
8051 family of microcontrollers

EMUL51-PC U. S. Part List
Supported Configurations

EMUL51-PC Philips 51MX

* * The support for the Philips 8xC51MB/MC requires that the customer use hardware that is specific to the MX family architecture. Customers with an existing EMUL51-PC hardware system will not be able to use their current hardware to support this micro family and will need to purchase a different hardware setup for the MX family.


Freescale's 68HC11 family
Philips' P51XA family
ARM-7 & ARM-9 family