CATS tools for Safety Critical work



Safety critical standards, such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, 50128, 50129, 25119, 60880, 61513, 61238, 61511, 13849, 62061 are large and complex. The RiskCAT requirements tools permit rapid and intuitive navigation around the standard(s). They provide a simple calculation of SIL and the selection of measures by key word, life cycle or function using or/and criteria. A simple click of the mouse pulls up the relevant part of the standard, with interfaces to DOORS and CalibreRM or Spreadsheet

Announcing RiskCATS26262 for ISO26262 Automotive applications. As RiskCATS have been working closely with the automotive industry and the ISO 26262 panels we are in a unique position of being able to offer a time saving and accurate ISO26262 tool in concert with the release of the standard.



Other tools include a stand-alone SIL calculator and a static analysers for the executable in the ROM or flash. CATS tools have been used on the highest level of safety critical work  around the world