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Reliability Computation Implements the provisions of IEC 61508 for calculation of the maximum Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for which a hardware system is suitable based on its failure characteristics


Standards such as IEC 61508 aim not only to avoid errors in the development process (and if they still occur, to detect them in a timely fashion) but also to limit the possibly dangerous failures of components. Standards define fault parametersfor such cases.









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Steps supported by ReliCATare:


1.Input of hardware components.(Can import the information contained in a parts list)


2.Calculation of de-rating factor


3.Include failure rate and failure type of the components, in a traceable way. (ReliCATcontains neither a database of component failure rates nor a FMEAtool to define failure type. It can inherit this information from the database and from FMEA identified information.)


4.Determination of the diagnostics method used to detect hazardous failures, based on the tables in Part 2, Annex A of IEC61508


5.Access to these tables


6.Context-based access to the explanations contained in the tables in section 7 of IEC61508 (not available in ReliCATbase version)


7.Calculation of the maximum Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) for hardware, according to IEC61508, Part 2, Tables 2 to 3


8.Computation of the hardware characteristics required to define system failure behaviour built with this hardware. The most important of these parameters is the measure of dangerous undetected failures


9.Context-based access to the requirements contained in Part 2of IEC 61508, which define the respective input / calculation (not available in the base version).


Tool Benefits


Benefit of the tool-based approach is the ability to define the achievable quality level (Safety Integrity Level, SIL) before circuit design. By varying the characteristics of different components, it is possible to discover which components are critical in defining the SIL, making it easier to efficiently design hardware which complies with all the safety and security requirements.The purpose of ReliCATis to support the user in applying IEC61508. It does not replace the standard.



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