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As part as the Requirements Engineering complete solution, Visure Solutions provides a set of tools oriented to support the definedRDM processes, streamlining them and making them more efficient and manageable.

These solutions provide not only support to all the RDM activities, but also specific support to a wide range of activities related with it, like tender management and requirements communication.


Also see the full set of videos covering Visure requrements managment > Visure VIDEOS

IARQVisure Requirements

Visure is a state-of-the-art Requirements Definition and Management (RDM) tool specifically designed to provide an integral support to the complete Requirements process.

Visure is the ideal answer for companies looking for a specific solution to define and implement their requirements processes . It stands out as an excellent solution flexible enough to fit in a wide range of companies with basic and complex needs. > Link to


Visure Web

Technical and non technical users from distributed locations accessing the same information through a simple, easy to use, web interface for Requirements Management.. > Link to

IRQA Report Manager

Visure Report Manager

The Visure Report Manager allows extracting all the information on the requirements process in any given format: Requirements Specifications, Dashboards, metrics, traceability reports, baseline comparison, requirements violability, simply exported into MS Word, RTF, MS Excel, CSV, XML, HTML, PDF, and other.> Link to

IRQA  Prototyper


Prototyper lets you build prototypes and simulations for web applications, cellphones, desktop software and ERP. Validating Functionalities about high fidelity prototypes means benefits such as cost reductions, changes happened during the development stages and the rise of the quality of the delivered applications. > Link to

Visure Quality Analyzer

The Visure Quality Analyzer application helps users write system specifications through the Right-the-first-time premise. Requirements are systematically analyzed to guarantee a definable level of quality throughout the whole project, reducing time and resources avoiding rework > Link to


Visure allows extending the operability of the tool as well as integrating with a number of other tools in the development lifecycle: Visure Integrations: Plug it! IRQA Extensions: Third party and certified feature extensions for Visure. Visure Integration platform> Link to


Embed-X is the first end-to-end application lifecycle management (ALM) solution dedicated to safety, security and mission critical embedded markets.> Link to