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What is Visure?

What do you need when thinking on Requirements Definition and Management?


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Visure integrates process, collaboration and quality in a single platform


IRQA Ethos

Visure is a state-of-the-art Requirements Definition and Management (RDM)
tool specifically designed to provide an integral support to the complete Requirements process.

Visure is the ideal answer for companies looking for a specific solution to define and implement their requirements processes. It stands out as an excellent solution flexible enough to fit in a wide range of companies with basic and complex needs.


Our powerful RDM tool helps teams to build high-quality systems requirements specifications: users can capture and manage requirements , analyze them in relation with the business domain in which they are categorized, and represent the system being built by means of clear and expressive techniques, understandable directly by the end user. Besides, Visure helps to manage the requirements and to trace them through the subsequent activities and stages in the system development. Visure also adds graphical functions for supporting the specification organization for large and complex projects, guaranteeing the specification quality.


Visure belongs to a new generation of Requirements Engineering tools : the emphasis is not only on requirements management but also on requirements analysis, project organization and the description of the high-level functions which compose the system being constructed. As a result, Visure streamlines your software Requirement Management process to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in systems development by using state-of-the-art Requirement Engineering methodologies and techniques.


IRWA Model

Capture, analyse, specify, model and trace requirements in the same tool

Our solution supports your process - from agile to waterfall
Visure integrates process, quality and collaboration in a single platform
Visure becomes a tailored tool for each role with specific views of the same centralized information
Visure becomes a traceability centre of the complete requirements lifecycle

Get to know Visure

Visure provides a complete support to Requirements Capture, Analysis, Specification and Validation, as well as state-of-the-art Management capabilities. These allow supporting both basic and complex processes, for small, medium and large companies, guaranteeing that not only today’s process but also tomorrow’s process.
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All the stakeholders in the RDM process will benefit from using a collaboration environment that will foster communication and organisation. Discover how!

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Complete feature list

Discover one of the best-in-class RDM tools in the market, feature-rich as well as easy to use.

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System Requirements

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