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What is the Visure REPORT MANAGER? -
Create your own Reports




IRQA Report Manager









The Visure Report Manager allows to generate the necessary documents whenever needed.

The reports can include all the information in the Visure database in almost any required format, including, in one single report all the information, including glossary of terms, requirements, use cases, test scenarios, traceability between them, UML and functional diagrams, overall status and any other information from the projects.








IRQA Report create








Create your own reports and share them!

From simple user documentation, to evidence for certifications, the Report Manager covers all reporting needs, adapting them to your own format and makes them available to all the users.


Reports can be established at project level, but can also be reused in other projects, or established at database level to generate complete dashboards on all projects. This allows to standardize and harmonize documentation across the company in a simple way.



IRQA Report Dashboard  

Add statistics and metrics to your reports

Apart from the information in the database, the Report Manager provides the capability to perform calculations and metrics which can be easily be obtained both through predefined operations and standard programming languages (C# and VB).


This programming capability allows users to generate CMMI metrics, dashboards, effort estimations based on cost, etc.


These indicators can be represented graphically in configurable charts (pie, bars, etc.) that can help to better communicate your project status or generate dashboards.


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Report, communicate and exchange through the different formats

The Report Manager provides a number of output formats to forefil a number of output needs.

PDF reports guarantee the information will remain untouched, which is especially useful for evidence, manuals or milestone information.

MS Word or Excel output formats can be used to re import the document if modified from outside Visure, if used to exchange information with customers or suppliers.

HTML reports can be used to publish for read only users high level information on the project status, or specific requirements information without the need to use the Visure client.

Intermediate input/output format like XML can be used to exchange information with third party tools and applications.
…and many other formats available!


The batch capability of the Report Manager allows users to generate reports regularly in an unattended mode, in order to avoid an activity that can be automated.