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Requirements quality metrics


Quality Requirements based on right the first time premise


The Visure Quality Analyzer application helps users write system specifications through the Right-the-first-time premise. Requirements are systematically analyzed to guarantee a definable level of quality throughout the whole project, reducing time and resources avoiding rework.

Requirements names and descriptions are analyzed semantically to identify the level of quality of the requirement (high, medium, poor), according to NLP (Natural Language Processing), by measuring the following metrics:

Over specifications detection: including design terms, pseudo code etc, in the body of the requirement
Speculative sentences: i.e. usually, generally, typically…
Usage of conditional concepts: i.e. perhaps, probably…
Usage of conditional Verbs
Usage of imperative verbs
Too many negations in the text
Ambiguous terms: ‘enough’, ‘sufficient’, ‘sure’, ‘usable’…
Existence or absence of domain terms: (based on conceptual maps)
Existence or absence of domain verbs: (based on conceptual maps)
Multiple needs within a particular requirement
Not complete sentences: ‘later on’, ‘in the future’…
Requirement size
Text Legibility
Number of dependencies: between every requirement and other Project actives
Volatility: Number of versions generated after the acknowledge of a requirement
One unique verb by requirement: acknowledging a single need within a requirement
Reduction of acronyms and technical terms
Over usage of hierarchical levels

These individual indicators are completed by two other metrics applicable to the complete specification:

Overlapping: Requirement descriptions are semantically compared against other requirements in the specification in order to find the level of similarity between them, in order to find duplicated or contradictory elements.
Metric incompatibility: The use of metrics is analyzed in order to find mismatching use of units (kilometres, miles, meters, etc.).

The Visure Quality Analyzer allows to measure the quality of a particular requirement or a group of them. This will also allow to early detect low quality requirements, indicating ways and tips for re-writing them. Therefore, the cost of rework will be dramatically reduced. Quality assurance is easy with Requirements Quality Analyzer


Furthermore, quality management information can be sampled at a project level, or at an engineer level, offering tips for process improvement.


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Distributor: The Reuse Company (Certified Visure Partner)