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Microsoft Word and Excel are far from being an requirements management tool: 13thSeptember 2013

The costs of requirements errors are extremely high. For example, the cost to correct errors injected early (during requirements development) multiplies as your project proceeds - costing you 50, 100, or even 400 times more as the project proceeds (Reifer, 2007; Dabney and Barber, 2003; Boehm and Basili, 2001; Nelson et al., 999; McConnell, 1996; Boehm and Papaccio, 1988).


Companies need to reduce their development cost in order to maintain themselves competitive. By using a professional tool your team will reduce the cost of working with well-defined and well-managed requirements.


Streamline your Requirements Management process with Visure Requirements 4.5 Published on Apr 24, 2013

Designed to maximize efficiency, Visure Requirements 4.5 delivers a simplified interface and process architecture that streamlines requirements capture, analysis and management, giving project teams a much faster, more powerful requirements engineering tool for systems development.

Zero-Risk migration from DOORS to Visure Requirements Published on Apr 4, 2013


Requirements Engineering Tools like DOORS have been around for several decades. But your organization and your projects have moved on and are ahead of its process. It is time to switch to an environment that fully addresses customer needs and can cope with today's systems engineering challenges.



Meeting the Requirements Challenge in Embedded Systems Published on Mar 30, 2012

Visure Requirements is a proven flexible and complete Requirements Engineering tool, capable of streamlining the software requirements process as part of the hardware and mechanical definition process. Visure Requirements aids effective project collaboration and increases software quality through Requirements Capture, Analysis, Specification, Validation and Verification, Management and Reuse.

How to implement an FMEA process using Visure Requirements Published on Feb 18, 2013

All systems or product we define are normally complex from the very first requirement or drawing and with the speed they are evolving we need to take all possible actions, as early as we can, to mitigate any possible risk and define real actions to eliminate those.


Visure Requirements Tutorial: Visure Requirements User Interface - Requirements Engineering



Visure Requirements Tutorial: Attributes Workflows - Requirements Engineering


Visure Requirements - Requirements Engineering Software Published on Feb 25, 2013


Visure Requirements is a flexible and complete requirements engineering solution to help
organizations increase the quality of their products and collaborate more effectively by supporting requirements capture, analysis, specification, validation and verification, management and reuse.


Visure Web - Need to take control of your Requirements...?Uploaded on Jul 15, 2011

Visure Web is an easy-to-use web solution for Requirements Capture, Analysis and Management, specifically designed to foster collaboration between distributed teams of stakeholders, analysts, business analysts, product and project managers, and other team members.