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PC-Lint Static Analyser (V9)


Phaedrus Systems can supply:

PC-lint for PCs

Flexe-lint for unix, linux, MAC OS/X.

We are the only UK distributor able to supply
PC-Lint site licenses,
Flexe-lint, site licences and upgrades.


PC Lint Now supports MISRA-C:1998, 2004 and 2012


PC-Lint and Flexe-lint are two of the oldest and most long lived static analysers in the world, having been introduced in 1985 less than a decade after C first appeared. They are the longest continuously advertised software tools in human history.


Gimpel have produced the most cost effective C or C++ programming tool there is, after the compiler. In all versions of the fabled "Programmers 10 Commandments" the rule "thou shall use lint and use it often" always appears as the first rule..


Static analysis is the most cost effective method of bug removal. It can find up to 80% of non-functional bugs. The remaining 20% require dynamic analysis to find them. Running PC-Lint on source code as you work picks up errors and "dubious but legal constructs" before they hide in the code and last until test and debug time where they can take hours to find. MISRA-C and other standards such as IEC6 1508 and Do178B require or strongly recommend static analysis.


Supplied with no graphical front end PC-Lint and Flexe-lint either integrates into your IDE or works from a script, make or batch file. We have produced installation instructions for many IDE's including IAR's EWB, Keil uVision 2 & 3 Borland C++ and Metrowerks Code warrior. email us for details


Integration guides for PC-lint to IAR compilers



There is also explicit support for over 80 C & C++ compilers, also support for Scott Meyers and Dan Saks C++ recommendations as well as MISRA-C:1998, MISRA-C:2004, MISRA-C:2012 and MISRA-C++2008 checking.





x. You will also need to patch your PC-lint V9. For those on V8 or below we can provice upgrades. Click here



Not only are PC-Lint and flexe-lint easy to use it is probably the fastest static analyzer on the market today. In most tests and surveys PC-lint & flexe-lint are consistently faster than other static analysers.


Phaedrus Systems has worked with Gimpel on the MISRA-C support since 1999 and recommends PC-Lint/Flexe-lint should be used by all programmers as part of the compile chain. PC-Lint is the most cost effective C programming purchase you you will make after the compiler.


Why buy PC-Lint when Gnu Lint is "free?" Gnu Lint is a generic Lint for GNU C compilers. It does not come with the support files for any commercial compiler. In the embedded field most compilers used extensions to ISO/ANSI C and C++.


Why buy PC-Lint when SPLint is "free?" SPlint was never fully implimented and development ceased many years ago. Also it does not have support for many compilers and in any case is an incomoplete imoplimentaion of C.


PC-Lint has an active support forum and technical support from Gimpel Inc and Phaedrus Systems Ltd. Patches for PC-Lint , due to support for additional compilers and changes in the ISO C standard, are free for the life of the product Version.


Gimpel and Phaedrus Systems are part of the ISO C and C++ panels and Phaedrus Systems is a member of the MISRA-C Steering Committee. So you can depend on accurate and timely support.


After the compiler
PC-Lint is the most cost effective C/C++ programming tool there is!