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Micrium has consistently held the leadership position in embedded software components. The company’s flagship µC/OS family is recognized for a variety of features and benefits including unparalleled reliability, performance, dependability, impeccable source code, and extensive documentation. In addition, some Micrium components contain certifications that meet the rigorous safety-critical standards demanded by industries that include medical electronics, avionics, and industrial products..


μC/OS for Makers programme

If you are a maker or a pre--‐revenue start-up you can get, at no cost:
Micrium's μC/OS--‐III® RTOS kernel, μC/TCP--‐IP™, μC/USB--‐Host™, μC/USB--‐Device™, μC/MODBUS™ and μC/FS™ embedded systems components. Micrium's μC/Probe™ graphical visualization tool for embedded debugging is also available as part of the program.Click here fo more information or you can email us for registration



Micrium Spectrum is a pre-integrated end-to-end portfolio of embedded software, protocol stacks, cloud services designed to facilitate development of Internet of Things (IoT) from device to the cloud.> Link to



Micrium's premiere kernel, featuring unlimited application tasks, and an interrupt disable time of near zero. µC/OS-III is a highly portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive, real-time, deterministic, multitasking kernel for micro-processors, microcontrollers and DSPs. > Link to



μC/OS-II is a portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive, real-time deterministic multitasking kernel. Offering unprecedented ease-of-use, μC/OS-II is delivered with complete 100% ANSI C source code and in-depth documentation. μC/OS-II runs on the largest number of processor architectures, with ports available for download from the Micrium Web site. > Link to



µC/TimeSpaceOS manages both memory and time allocated to diverse applications and enables the cost-effective certification of complex systems. It also expands existing safety-critical products with non-safety critical complex middleware such as TCP-IP, File System (FS) and USB. µC/TimesSpaceOS addresses such safety-critical market segments as avionics, medical, transportation, and industrial applications. > Link to



µC/OS-MPU is an extension for Micrium’s µC/OS-II that provides memory protection, and greater stability and safety for your applications. The μC/OS-MPU extension prevents applications from accessing forbidden locations, thereby protecting against damage to safety-critical applications, such as medical devices and avionics.

> Link to

Communications Components


A Range of communications components including TCP/IP, USB Host, USB Device, CAN, Modbus and Blue Tooth. To complete and compliment the file systems and graphics support also available below. > Link to

Storage and Display Components


µC/GUI provides a flexible graphical user interface for any embedded application that requires a graphical display. Also available are a μC/FS is a compact, reliable, high-performance and thread-safe embedded file system for microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs. > Link to


Also Micrium maintains a list of Building Block embedded software components that round out the capabilities you need to complete your design.. > Link to


µC/Probe 3.1 graphically visualizes the internals of any embedded system effortlessly, with just a few mouse clicks. Micrium’s µC/Probe 3.1 is a Windows application that allows you to read and write the memory of any embedded target processor during run-time, and map those values to a set of virtual controls and indicators placed on a graphical dashboard. Absolutely no programming is required – simply drag and drop the graphic components into place, and watch them go.. > Link to


Micrium embedded components are priced as individual modules or as bundled solutions. They have licenses to cover single products, product lines, CPU type, site licenses and dedicated chip licenses... > Link to