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Business Support Resources

We are often contacted by people who have just started up or contractors who are branching out having seen an opportunity. Sometimes we come across people who just need a bit of good business advice be it marketing, legal, patents or how to manufacture. We have a page of links to people we, and you, can trust.

Event Works Europe


Over twenty years experience in all aspects of event management and marketing.


The team have vast experience of both in-house and agency account management; which means they knows the constraints of budget control but have the flair to deliver exactly what each client dreams of … hassle free events that have the WOW factor! . > More information


All forms of graphics, logos and images. Adverts, flyers, brochures, business cards letterheads and corporate image. > More information

Lumsdon Grindley Solicitors


Stuart McIntosh in their Wocester office speciallises in "IT Law" and the ramifications in the many changes in recent years to the law affecting computing and computers. > More Information


Fonts by Monotype


Monotype are one of the worlds leading suppliers of fonts.   They can advise on fonts for print and screen use and fonts for any language in the world. .> More Information

Monotype imageing


Selection of the right font for legibility and function is important.  Some are designed for print and others for screen use.   Using an appropriate font can make all the difference  in how a user interacts with a screen.


A variety of languages are often spoken within an individual country. These languages frequently use different scripts or writing systems, and some scripts can be used to write multiple languages. Since Monotype multilingual font offering supports a wide range of writing systems, Monotype provide a variety of cross-reference tables to help you navigate the relationships between countries, languages, scripts, and character sets > More Information