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Title:Analog and Digital Filter Design Using C

Author: Les Thede
Pub: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-352627

Price: £22.95
Disk: Included

There in not much I can say about this book that the title does not already say. The cover blurb says “Using a no-nonsense approach, this book offers though coverage of important filter design and implementation techniques supported by thoroughly tested C code.” I can’t prove the “thoroughly tested” but the rest of it is certainly accurate. I did run the dos executables they work as described producing a graphical output and log files.


The techniques covered are: Chebychev (and inverse) Butterworth, elliptical normalisation, recursive and non recursive digital filters and the Parks-McClellan optimisation routine. All the usual high, low, band pass and band stop combinations are presented. The C assumes a little knowledge of C but not a lot and the source code is on the included disk.


Some knowledge of maths is useful as it is pitched at undergraduate level. It also presents filters using floating point maths which assumes one will be using the higher end (expensive) DSP systems. A friend looking at the book commented that for industrial use the maths could be simplified (rather than show things from first principals) and restricted to integers so that one could use the less expensive DSP systems. However for students floating point the hard way will probably be a requirement of their course.


So there it is, a readable no-nonsense book on the fundamentals of filters with source code and executables at an affordable price. I like it and would buy it. Not much else I can say apart from this is the first book in many months that has had an accurate description of the contents on the cover.