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RTOS for Embedded Systems


Not all RTOS are equal. They are designed for different purposes and have different strengths.  We have selected three that should cover most needs from small projects to Safety Critical systems. All three have support software and various stacks.

SeggerIconLabs Data Security, Firewalls and Security managment for Iot & RTOS

Icon Labs provides cross platform security solutions for embedded and IoT devices. The solutions support all major embedded OSes and RTOS's with security modules designed specificially for use in embedded systems. The solutions provide security building blocks for protecting the device itself rather than just relying on security at the perimeter. > more...




embOS is a priority-controlled real time operating system, designed to be used as foundation for the development of embedded real-time applications. It is a zero interrupt latency, high-performance RTOS that has been optimised for minimum memory consumption in both RAM and ROM, as well as high speed and versatility. > Link to

MPE Forth

Micrium RTOS, USB, CAN, Modbus, TCPip,

The company’s flagship µC/OS family is recognized for a variety of features and benefits including unparalleled reliability, performance, dependability, impeccable source code, and extensive documentation. In addition, some Micrium components contain certifications that meet the rigorous safety-critical standards demanded by industries that include medical electronics, avionics, and industrial products.. .> Link to


Percepio Tracealizer for RTOS

Percepio’s Tracealyzer products give an unprecedented level of insight into the run-time world of embedded RTOS. This allows you to solve complex software problems in a fraction of the time otherwise needed, develop more robust designs to prevent future problems and find new ways to improve your software’s performance.> Link to