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Title:Graphics and Web Page Design

Author: Laura Lemay, J M Duff & J L Mohler
ISBN: 1-57521-125-4
Cost: 49.95 UKP
Disk: CD included

Recently I reviewed Creating Commercial Web Pages (CVu9i4). In that review I wondered if the book was going to be “yet another web book” it was not. This book is! Graphics and Web Page Design follows the same format and has a similar CD of MS and MAC tools, has colour pictures is about 100 pages smaller and 12UKP more expensive than CCWP.


However as much of the contents discusses graphical effects it will duplicate the manuals of the graphics tools one uses. Some of the tools discussed eg Corel Draw are not supplied on the disk. It would have been far better to not have colour drawings and put the actual images on the CD to bring the cover cost down to something reasonable. There also appears to be a better set of tools on CCWP.


For 25% more book at 12UKP less (but no colour pictures) go for Creating Commercial Web Pages not this book.