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by Felix Redmill CEng.FIET, FBCS


For 25 years Felix has been a consultant in project management and in risk management for safetycritical systems. Before that, he spent more than 20 years in industry, as engineer and manager. He started as a programmer and progressed to systems analyst, development manager, project manager, and system strategist. Evolutionary vs. Big-bang Delivery is based on his pioneering experience as a Development Manager.


He has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computation from London University and UMIST, is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the IET and Fellow of the BCS.


He has presented and published widely on aspects of safety and risk management, and, on behalf of EWICS TC7 , he edited two volumes of Guidelines, which influenced the development of IEC61508. A founder member of the Safety Critical Systems Club in 1991 he continues, after 24 years, to edit the Club’s Newsletter. He provides short training courses in Project Management, Risk-based Testing, and Requirements Engineering.




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An interview with Felix Redmill about his career, project managment and this book.



"Experienced readers will not agree with every opinion in this book; but they will agree with enough that they will respect the experience and the intellect that have formed the opinions with which they disagree, and they will benefit from having their ideas challenged."

Martyn Thomas CBE FREng FRSA (Martyn was a founder of Praxis and a former partner in Deloitte Consulting. He is now entirely independent.) http://www.thomas-associates.co.uk


"Amid the hoopla over 'Agile', the re-publication of this book feels particularly timely and welcome. It offers solid and hard-won advice from evolutionary projects that is still as relevant today as it was two decades ago. In particular, the material on project planning, preparation and the importance of business strategy in managing change should be required reading for anyone considering a more 'Agile development approach. Miss this book at your peril."
Dr Roderick Chapman, Director, Protean Code Limited and Honorary Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Yor
k (Rod specialises in safety- and security-critical systems, from requirements engineering, to verification, audit and assessment. Formerly at Praxis Rod is now independant see: http://www.proteancode.com


I am really glad to see this book reappear. I don't know if a more modern generation will take any more notice but they should. The dissemination of real experience in building systems that work and fail is essential to any progress in software engineering because it is not a precise science - it is much more suited to apprenticeship than it is to pedagogy. I hope you enjoy the book now as I did then; it's every bit as relevant today." Les Hatton CEO, Oakwood Computing Associates Ltd Emeritus Professor of Forensic Software Engineering Kingston University. http://www.oakcomp.co.uk


"It is a pleasure to recommend this book as a major contribution to our practical understanding of the Evolutionary Delivery project management method. It is rich with insights and practical advice which should help the practicing manager, as well as the initial student of the method."
Tom Gilb
(Tom is the author of nine books, and hundreds of papers on Project Management & Product Development. ) http://www.gilb.com/About