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There have no MISRA organised conferences since 2010.


After the launch of MISRA-C:2012 at Embedded World in Nuremberg (March 2013) Device Developer Conference ran MISRA-C:2012 workshops at the Device Developer Conferences in 2013, 2014 and 2016. The papers presented by Phaedrus Systems are below. In addition at the 2015 Advanced Engineering Conference November 2014 Phaedrus systems Presented MISRA-C Curse or Cure.


Presentation by MISRA-C Chairman to Device Developer Conference: MISRA Workshop 2016




MISRA-C: Curse or Cure at
Advanced Engineering 2014


Delivered November 2014 This paper asks if MISRA-C is a curse or cure. It comes up with some surprising answers that should get most software people thinking. >download presentation




Device Developer Conference 2014


Delivered May/June 2014 This paper follows on to part one below (delivered at DDC 2013) The text is expanded with full references and links to additional material >download presentation



Device Developer MISRA-C workshop

MISRA-C:2012 Why Won't Save your Project

at Device Developer Conference 2013


Delivered May 2013 to the MISRA-C Workshop at the Device Developer Conference Series. > Link to