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Safety Critical Newsletter


The SCSC Produce a journal several times a year. Phaedrus Systems has contributed technical articles to this journal


Virtualization for embedded applications

V20 i 1 Autumn 2011


Embedded systems used to be relatively simple in concept (although not necessarily in implementation). As hardware has got more powerful, software has got more complex. Today applications don’t run on single operating system, instead they may be built out of different components carrying out different aspects of the overall functions, more or less independently of each other.  They may come from different providers and work with different operating systems, forcing the system software for embedded systems to cater for all these operating systems simultaneously..> Link to full article


Safety Critical Applications benefit from Embedded Databases

V19 i 3 Spring 2010

In memory database management systems can provide both deterministic timing and the controls needed for safe memory allocation – both essential for safety critical systems.

Any system has to handle data. Input data from sensors, human interfaces or other systems has to correlated, merged or compared across all data objects and across time, for filtering or analysis and to trigger actions. And database management systems (DBMS) are designed to carry out just this work. But traditionally the DBMS runs on a hard disk, is large, complex, slow and non-deterministic. And for safety critical systems, time is a major issue, since they are normally also real-time systems.> Link to full article


Getting to Grips with ISO DIS 26262
V19 i2 January 2010


While the new draft automotive safety standard, ISO DIS 26262 is still only at discussion stage, anyone who is developing systems for the automotive area needs to get to grip with the standard. And this is no light task. As David Ward’s excellent introduction to the standard (in Safety Systems, 19 (1) Sept 2009) pointed out, the standard comes in ten volumes, has over 350 pages and there are more than 550 requirements. It is not clear that anyone can carry this detail around in their head, let alone transmit it accurately to a development team.

The draft standard is already beginning to have an influence on the industry. Tools suppliers are announcing products that “Conform” and there is anecdotal evidence of companies looking for some form of compliance with 26262 from their suppliers. > Link to full document


One Million People writing software

I was asked to write something on the un-controversial and sensible topics of language or RTOS selection for critical systems. I could write a piece which would start the usual religious bun fight between devotes of Ada and C (and a lone voice for Forth!) but as I started thinking about it, another, and to my mind, a more important issue came up.. > Link to