London's Imperial College Robotics Society under it's President Harry Eakins are designing and manufacturing several robots for a variety of competitions. Including RoboTIC, MicroMouse and even EuroBot! With the help of Phaedrus Systems and IAR ICRS hope to enter 10 robots at MicroMouse 2010. In January 2010 Phaedrus Systems and IAR presented ICRS with IAR dev boards running the NXP Cortex MCU, JTAG Debuggers, Compilers and some hard cash for other components.




From left to right Edward Gibbins IAR General Manager, UK & Eire, Chris Hills CTO Phaedrus Systems, Harry Eakins President of IRSC, with Roxana Rusitoru and Oliver Mattos two of the ICRS team Click for hi-res version


ICRS competitions

The Society competes with a variety of robots. One of their winning teams is shown below, click for hi res photo.



From left to right the team are: Stefan Popescu, Matei Vasile, Radu Baltean, Alexandru Scvortov, Ingrid Funie, Paul Grigoras, Corina Cioban.