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Robotics in Education

Robotics is one of the few opportunities in education to apply academic learning to do something that actually moves! What is more all the skills involved are directly applicable to industry. Where as some build and race cars, but you need to be physically able to drive and work in a machine shop, and indeed have a workshop Robotics is open to all. Also Robotics is a low cost sport so even young students can often afford to compete eve without support from a school


Phaedrus Systems and Educational Robotics


Since it's inception Phaedrus Systems has always supported education. We have been instrumental in donations competition prizes to complete embedded development labs. We now support MicroMouse at Birmingham's City University, also the ROBOtic and Derbot competitions. We are also pleased to sponsor with IAR the Imperial College Robotics Society.


Unlike others Phaedrus Systems always sponsors with industrial strength tools and equipment. Not cut down or Mickey mouse kit. We feel that Good equipment and tools with proper Engineering will be far more beneficial to the students and staff in the long run.


If you have, or are intending to start a Robotics team or competition please contact us.