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SuperTest compiler test
and validation suite


SuperTest is the test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers that has tracked the (ISO) language specifications for more than 30 years. It is a complete validation environment with:


A huge library of hand-written tests.

A large body of generated tests.

A framework to easily set-up and run compiler validations.

A report generator that provides comprehensive overviews of validation results in multiple formats, including HTML. It will immediately identify regressions of the latest compiler build compared to a designated reference.


Unique features:

SuperTest also includes a number of unique features that are not found in other test suites.


The ABI-tester can be used to verify calling conventions within the compiler, between different versions of the compiler, or even between completely different compilers.

The Depth-Suite is a collection of generated tests that exhaustively verifies arithmetic correctness relative to the target machine's data model. Depth suites for many data models are included, but if your data model is not there, we will create one for you free of charge.

Parallel testing automatically splits validation runs into a preconfigured numbers of threads to speed up the validation.

Tempest is the TEMPlate Expander. A production-rule driven test generator to create pseudo-random variations of a particular test.



ISO 9899:1990 C standard
ISO 9899:1999 C99 standard
TR18037 Embedded C extension
ISO 14882:2003 C++
ISO 14882:2011 C++11


NOTE: Phaedrus Systems is member of both C & C++ WG's (and was convenor of the BSI C panel for 4 years).


The test suite is systematically structured so that it is clear what part of the standard is tested for each test.



Testing the optimizers is one of the hardest tasks in compiler validation. We have extended the test suite to maximize source code coverage of compiler optimizers, thereby maximizing the test-coverage of your compiler. We recommend you verify test-coverage of SuperTest in your compiler too.



When SuperTest started, there was only K&R C. As ISO standardization progressed, SuperTest was extended to track the latest developments. We plugged holes in the suite by adding tests for errors not initially found. We created generators to add systematic testing for complex parameter spaces. SuperTest is now the most complete validation suite for C and C++ available.



There are quite some cases where the language specification requires the compiler to issue a diagnostic. SuperTest contains an elaborate subset of tests that must fail at compile-time. If they don't, SuperTest will tell you about it.





On Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, 32 and 64-bit hosts. You are up and running in minutes. Watch our installation video




SuperTest's straightforward scripts for compilation and execution make it easy to adapt to the most complicated compiler and execution environment setup. Have a simulator? No problem. Have a processor board at the other end of an RS-232 cable? No problem.


SuperTest reporting tools create overviews that are easy to read at a glance, and give you all the details you need. It also creates regression reports so that you see immediately what has changed between the current and previous validation runs.


A simple option at the start of a validation run will put those 4 hyper-threaded cores in your machine to good use. Still not fast enough? Set up a multi-hosted configuration to steal some cycles from your colleagues too.


Support from Phaedrus Systems and directly from the SuperTest developers.


Now has support for MISRA-C Conformance testing See article on


Compiler Assessment

By supplying Solid Sands with a fully operational tool chain, Solid Sands will run a full SuperTest assessment after which you will have full information on the quality of the compiler you develop or use. You will receive an assessment summary of the failures and their severity as found by SuperTest.

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