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McObject eXtremeDB


McObject’s solutions are in place in mission-critical applications worldwide. Customers embracing the eXtremeDB embedded database for real-time data management include Boeing, Motorola, JVC, F5 Networks, Tyco Thermal Controls, Genesis Microchip, EFJohnson, and Peiker acoustic, among other


“720 Linux databases squeeze onto test system”, LinuxDevices.com


The eXtremeDB embedded database combines exceptional performance, reliability and developer efficiency in a proven real-time database engine. There are several versions including Fusion, High Availability, Kernel mode, SQL, 64-Bit , Web-sever and Transaction Logging > Link to


“Movimiento STM Mobilizes SaaS Solutions with Perst Lite”, BlackBerry Today newsletter


Describes our customer, Movimiento STM, in Argentina and its smartphone-based CRM client software that uses Perst Lite. > Link to

“McObject Brings IMDS to VxWorks 653”, CIOL Developer Channel


Published by McObjects distributor in Bangalore, India – one of several articles on McObject and IMDSs that Waveaxis has placed recently. > Link to

“Off-The-Shelf Mobile Phone Hosts Java Embedded Database Benchmark”, Java Developer’s Journal

Tells how Perst for Android outperforms SQLite in a test conducted on a T-Mobile G1 smartphone. > Link to

“Face-storing database software”, Embedded Computing Design


Tells how our customer L-1 Identity Solutions (formerly Bioscrypt) uses eXtremeDB Fusion in a biometrics-based security device that reads the shape of your face. > Link to

“McObject grants Perst persistence to all objects”, Software Development Times


News about a major improvement in Perst 4.0: the ability to add persistence to any object, regardless of the object’s origins.. > Link to

“No operating system is an island”, Embedded Systems Design


Very in-depth article about how our customer F5 Networks benefits from eXtremeDB in its BIG-IP product. > Link to