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McObject eXtremeDB Videos


Embedded Databases: Building In 'Always-On' High Availability, Part One


McObject's Web seminar highlights the issue of operational continuity: how can an embedded database system survive the failure of its software or hardware environment? How can it deliver high performance as well as fault-tolerance? McObject is provider of the eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System - for more information see > Link to

Database Indexes: R-Trees for Mapping and Geospatial Software


McObject CEO Steve Graves reviews the R-Tree, one of the best database indexes for data searches in geospatial and mapping applications. > Link to


eXtremeDB embedded database system


Today's embedded systems manage growing volumes of complex data -- and need a new kind of embedded database system. eXtremeDB from McObject is the only embedded database designed from scratch to deliver the tiny footprint, real-time responsiveness, and reliability required by telecom and networking equipment, consumer electronics, industrial automation, and other demanding applications. > Link to

McObject webinar on demand

Webinars On Demand


McObject's professional services team offers assistance ranging from training on our embedded database technology, to proof-of-concept and long-term consulting, and more, all to help our clients maximize their return on their embedded database investment.. > Link to