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Over the years we have built up relationships with many contractors. Skills cover hardware and software, both analogue and digital, from many different embedded applications areas. Some are even security cleared. Those listed we know and would recommend depending on the project you have.

Creative ImpulseAleka-design Ltd

Aleka Design Ltd specialise in mixed signal electronic designs for Test & Measurement systems and Instrumentation systems. We provide consultancy and development services and can take projects from an idea through, the development, and on to production of prototype hardware.  Capabilities include analogue and digital filter designs, AtoD conversion interfaces, and embedded MCU systems. Projects include VB software for a PC to monitor and display the performance of a Solar Hot Water system, and a pump controller and PC monitoring software for a Rainwater Recycling system. > Link to

Creative ImpulseAntronics Ltd.

Antronics Ltd provides consultancy services and embedded firmware development on a contract basis, with particular experience in M2M applications. Clients have ranged from big-names like BT to small, local start-ups. Key competence is interfacing, control, and communication with embedded microcontrollers. We may also be able to assist with relatively "low-level" PC software - especially involving serial communications - such as is often required during the development & testing of embedded devices. > Link to

Aspire DesignAspire Design Ltd.


Designers of precision Analogue and RF circuitry (including high temperature). Specialists in high speed digital design, large FPGA's and embedded Linux systems. We design the circuits, layout the PCBs using Altium Designer suite (also ultiboard, electronics workbench suite), talk to suppliers and sort out the production. We also provide the support for custom enclosure manufacture. Experience Aerospace, Automotive and industrial circuit designers. > Link to

Concertant LLPConcertant LLP

Concertant's has extensive concurrent and parallel processing experience encompassing the design of both hardware and software applications. Concertant advises its clients on the development of applications and systems, and offers a complete project management service. We provide extensive training on all aspects of the development and deployment of multi-processor systems. > Link to

Creative Impulse

Creative Impulse

Creative Impulse is based in central Scotland, an hour from Glasgow. Experience includes the IT, telecoms, automotive and oil industries, Freescale eTPU, C and VHDL design verification. They are recommended by Byte Craft for TPU work   > Link to


Eden Electronics -
embedded software designers

Eden Electronics specialises in embedded software development, and has experience with precision measurement and instrumentation, portable battery powered testers, laboratory bench top test equipment and bespoke testers use on production lines. click here for more information

emPowered Devices

emPowered Devices

Empowered Devices specialises in developing low energy, efficient software for embedded products as well as advanced machine connectivity. Our services cover design and development of electronics and software for applications which require low power or high connectivity techniques. Additionally an empowered platform can provide off-the-shelf or customised designs to speed up development of scalable and maintainable applications click here for more information

MK Electronics

MK Electronics - Electronics and Software Design

MK Electronics are based in South West Scotland and offer a range of services from electronic and software design to test equipment design and manufacture. Resources include in house temperature cycling, CNC machining, MATLAB with SIMULINK and development tools. Our primary expertise is in transducer (especially load cell) interface and data acquisition. Recent projects include FPGA based tools for synchronous multichannel analogue and digital data acquisition and vibration excitation and control equipment for end of line test of automotive components. click here for more information

Software Integrity

Pebble Bay - Training/mentoring and software development services

Pebble Bay is an independent embedded software specialist, providing consultancy, bespoke training/mentoring and software development services with a strong focus on real-time kernels, operating systems and the hardware/software interface. Typical projects include Board Support Package and device driver development, and porting, optimisation and integration of foundation software components. Our strengths are in-depth technical expertise in these areas combined with a flexible, friendly and professional approach to working with a wide variety of customers.”. click here for more information

Software Integrity

Software Integrity - Training, software development and Real Tine

Software Integrity offers consultancy, training and software development for real-time and embedded projects. The firm's particular expertise is in the robust design and programming of event-driven concurrent systems.. click here for more information