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When it comes to training many are "one eyed in the land of the blind". We can recommend trainers for embedded engineering who really know their stuff backed by years of real experience. They are not swayed by fashion and buzzwords nor are they IT people who don't understand embedded..or real time engineering.




Feabhas are purely a real time and embedded training outfit.   Since 1995 they have run courses, aimed at the real-time and embedded space (often using ARM7 targets) in C, C++ MISRA,  RTOS, UML, TCP/IP  and Real-Time Software Engineering.  We have no hesitation in recommending them for all embedded or real time training. > Link to


The Feabhas FastTrack Graduate Programme


A nine week accelerated programme, enabling graduates to rapidly gain the practical and theoretical skills needed for productivity in the modern embedded environment.
Feabhas has created a specialist embedded systems graduate training programme to equip graduates with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to plan and structure embedded systems code correctly, identify quality issues early and work efficiently - within nine weeks. > Link to


61508, Rail , Nuclear and tool specific training

We can recommend various people for support and training on 61508 and other process standards. including those for the rail and nuclear industries. We can also recommend sources for specific training. Please contact us for this or go to the consultants page > Link to